Week 5 – Part 1/1

Day 32, 21.2, Saturday

In the evening I had an appointment with Zari and Saba in café in the ASP building. Roman wanted to meet a friend there as well, so we went together, but I was an hour late, so Iranian style…. Afterwards Saba and Zari cruised with me around Tehran a little but and listening to “The Show Must Go On” by Queen we acknowledged it should be the inofficial national anthem of Iran.

Day 33,22.2, Sunday

Roman, Tobias and I went to the carpet museum. In the metro it happened for the first time since my arrival that someone told me he liked Hitler. It was a guy from Baluchistan and he said he liked Hitler or he was his friend. I replied, Hitler was an idiot and I didn’t like him. It made him angry and when Tobias told him in German to shut up, the boy pretended starting a fight with us.
On the way to the museum, Tobias was nearly robbed by a moto-driver. He sat some time on his vehicle, not driving away, which I found weird. Then he accelerated and we thought he hit Tobias by accident, but he wanted to grab his bag.
On our room-mate Arne’s opinion the carpet museum was boring, but in our opinion wasn’t.
When we were on our way back to the metro we saw that two days later an inauguration of an exhibition of the German Otto Piene would be held. Tobias wanted to go and ask the next day for further details.

Day 35, 24.2, Tuesday

It was the day of the Otto Piene inauguration. We met at 5pm at the entrance of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, but Roman was late. We hadn’t eaten something yet since we hope, there would be a buffet. Instead we had to listen to speeches of some art professor, a vice minister, the German ambassador and the manager of the New National Gallery Berlin. They all overpraised each other for two long hours.
At least at the end there were some music acts, which were nice.
The buffet consisted of free instant coffee, water bottles and biscuits – it was better than nothing.
A bit later while Tobias – suited up – had to talk to some woman about how super great the exhibition was and who for that reason thanked him a lot (he had nothing to do with it though), I was portrayed by an art student.

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