Week 12

Days 83-86, 9.5-12.5, Saturday-Tuesday

It was the last week of the second course. Apart from running and meeting friends on Monday and Tuesday for eating, it was calm.

Days 87-89, 13.5-15.5, Wednesday-Friday

I wasn’t sure, but in the end I passed the course. After the exam I went with Yang, a friend of his from North Korea, Frisco and Zhihui for lunch.
In the evening I went to a little party in Iran for the first time. We were nine people, three Iranian girls. We played a social game, drank self-brewed beer and danced in the small apartment a bit in the end. But the evening was very nice and shortly before four I went to bed.
Though on Thursday I had a little head-ache all day because of the self-brewed beer, although I nearly drank anything. For breakfast I went to my friend again and with Zhihui to a coffee shop in the after-noon. She won’t be in Tehran for the next course, but is returning to China for that time.
On Friday (now) I won’t to much. But on Saturday (tomorrow) I’ll make a five day journey to the desert – naturally by hitchhiking and with my tent.

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