Weeks 28 to 32 (25.10-30.10, 31.10-6.11, 7.11-13.11, 14.11-20.11)

On Oct 26th I met with M. for the last time, before she went to Germany. And from than on, not much happened, apart from going to school and learning. From time to time I met with friends, that I haven’t seen for a long time. On Friday, 13th Nov I prepared some nice pumpkin soup for friends. It was enough for two pots but unfortunately one bad orange made the taste of one pot quite bitter. But with some strong spices it’s possible to use it as pasta sauce.

One Friday when I went to church we were only five people and Friday November, 20th, was the last service that I’d go to. It was outside on the Tehran Protestant Cemetery, the weather really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. After we went on a little tour around Shahr-e Reyr.

Since there’s nothing else, some photos of autumn in Tehran. On Nov, 25th, my course will finish and I’ll for a little journey in Iran before, kind of sadly, returning back to Germany….

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